Asheville, NC is a beautiful mountain city, with many things to see. The city is known for its culinary and beer scene and also for the artistic community within it. The panoramic vistas are also attracting visitors all year long, but more and more people are looking to relocate here. However, with the economy these days, buying real estate became a luxury and people are looking now for apartments for rent Asheville NC.

There are many things to consider when renting a place, but the most important of them is the area where you next home is going to be. While exploring Asheville is very pleasant, and living in it has its perks, finding a good neighborhood for relocating is vital. In order to find out where to rent in Asheville, check out the good areas below for easier hunting.

In the north part of Asheville, the Lakeview Park is one of the finest neighborhoods to live in. The North Asheville keeps its grace and style that has made it famous over the years and the Lakeview Park is no exception. There lies a small and charming community, where the landscape architect John Nolen created the small man-made lake which is the focus point of the area. Young families, white-collar dads and nice moms, along with retired persons live in the area.

The story of the South is quite different than that of the North, but not less interesting. After the fall of the South area of Asheville, the neighborhoods were rebuilt and now they represent charming places to live in. One fine example is the Town of Biltmore Forest, a community of educated people, from doctors and lawyers to celebrities. There are many luxury places to be found here, and the housing market is taking great advantages of it.

In the East, there is a particular great neighborhood, the Kenilworth, a historic community with an interesting mix of housing styles and apartments.  Here, most of the population is young or retirees. In the East, also consider Haw Creek, or Oakley, as they have the same traditional charm.

The central part of Asheville is represented by the City of Asheville, which has beautiful buildings representing the Art Deco architecture, a vibrant nightlife and many eateries. The popularity of the downtown neighborhood is rapidly growing, as most of the rent apartments can be found here, either in older buildings or luxury condos. The area represents a great place for young people, with great restaurants, live music, special events and lots of shopping. The neighborhoods here are usually trend-setting people, young professionals or retirees.

The West has also a great area for young people especially, the Haywood Road, a hip and trendy neighborhood. Many cafes and funky stores can be found here, and the charm is given by the old, historical buildings. The prices are cheaper here, so this is actually the perfect area for those looking for affordable housing.

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