Looking for some of the best apartments for rent asheville nc together with someone can be a great solution for paying the rent and still having a little leftover at the end of the month. But that might still come with a few problems and pitfalls. Whether you are renting an apartment with someone you have been involved for some time or with a total stranger, various conflicts can show up when you don’t expect it. How can you resolve these conflicts without arguing or how can you even avoid them from happening?

The first issue would be which one of you should sing the lease. It would be best if both of you signed and held responsibility for paying the rent. Most leases include text that refers to multiple tenants which means that if one of you doesn’t pay the rent the other one will be held responsible as well and if one of you breaks the terms of the lease, you can both be evicted. So give it the most serious thought. This might be fine with you if your roommate is your significant other, but if he is a total stranger you should prevent these problems.

Whether only one of you signs the lease or both of you do, problems still might happen and for that to be avoided or resolved successfully you might think about having a roommate agreement. That might look a little awkward if your roommate is someone you are involved for some time. But if you would be married you might have something similar like a prenuptial agreement to have financials and other responsibilities settled in case you break up. So think about the roommate agreement like of a prenuptial agreement. Though laws differ in various states, you might be able to legally enforce such a document in your jurisdiction at least for the financial responsibilities.

The most usual agreement between roommates is to pay the rent and utilities 50/50. But specific situations can come up when you might want to change that. For example if one of you hates cooking and the other one loves it you might decide that the gourmet person cooks for the other while the non-cooking one buys all the groceries for both. Or if one of you is a neat freak he can take over the cleaning in exchange for a 60/40 payment agreement. Or if one can’t live without 250 channels and the other one is a reader you might agree on splitting cable costs 80/20. If you don’t think about issues like this, some tensions might appear sooner or later. In a roommate relationship it is not only thinking about your own well-being. Having a happy and content roommate can make a huge difference in your life.

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