ASHEVILLE, NC- UNC Asheville officially introduced Elizabethon native, Mike Morrell, as the men’s basketball coach in the Ingles Mountain View Room at the Sherrill Center on Tuesday, April 17.

"When you talk about places that you see for your first head coaching opportunity, you want to be in a place that loves basketball and this place loves basketball," said Morrell. "I’ve been fortunate to be at a few places similar. This is just one that was a no-brainer to me and, honestly, when I came here I was really excited about. When I left, I knew I had to have it.

Morrell has spent the last few years as an assistant coach at the University of Texas and was excited to find an opportunity closer to the Tri-Cities.

"Coming home and being able to have some people come over and spend time is great for me," Morrell said. "But I don’t have a lot of hobbies. Basketball is what I do and so we might have to put some rules on some people how many times they can stop by a week. But that’s definitely a positive."

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